Managing your properties with Birmingham Housing

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We provide an all inclusive hassle-free property management services for property owners and hosts in Birmingham.

Our management team oversees  the daily management of properties, helping landlords, developers  and contractors across the West Midlands. From managing contractors and service charges to securing vacant properties, Birmingham Housing has got it covered and we are here to make your live easier.

Our hand-on approach means that we  will go  the extra mile to keep our clients' investment safe.

These are  some of the property services we provide:

  • Collection of ground rent.
  • Collection of service charge and service change budget preparation.
  • Debt and arrears collection.
  • Administration of service charge contracts.
  • Assistance on compliance with health and safety legislations.
  • Maintenance work management and working with independent contractors.
  • Manned security guarding or CCTV remote monitoring of the property.
  • Providing round-the-clock emergency cover.
  • Arranging and attending regular meetings.
  • Request and negotiate quotations from local service providers.
  • Maintenance and repair of external areas.
  • Oversee scheduled cleaning and general maintenance.
  • Professional photography for property listings in Rightmove, Zoopla and Airbnb.
  • Property listing creation in  Rightmove, Zoopla and Airbnb. 
  • Guest vetting, ID verification and booking management.
  • Check-ins and round-the-clock guest support.
  • Replacing used linens with fresh ones every day.
  • Replenish toiltetries supplies.
  • Replying to guests' enquiries within 24 hours and answering most messages within one hour. Our team is able to speak to guests in French, Urdu and Arabic which comes  in handy when dealing with booking enquiries.
  • Ensure your property is always guest-ready by keeping it spotless with neatly folded toilet rolls  and stocked toiletries.
  • Make sure that guests treat your property with care. Our maintenance team is always on standby  to resolve any repair job.
  • Ensure optimal occupier retention, positive reviews and recommendations. 


At Birmingham Housing, we don't have any tie-ins to known or specific service providers when requesting quotations from required property services. We don't accept introduction fees from services providers nor do we add commissions on top of their prices. Usually we choose locally recommended services providers with proven track record and good reputation. We also make sure that used contractors are tusted, certified,  accredited and insured. 

We work hard to understand both the landlord and the tenant. We deliver value, cost reduction, innovative solutions and customer experience  to our clients. Our team privide the same level of professional service in every environment with the same friendly, open and flexible approach.

With our office conveniently localted in Bridley Place in the heart of Birmingham city centre, we serve our clients in a local capacity and ensure their requirements are met in a bespoke and personal fashion.